Photo by  Amy Bezunartea

About PAT

Thank you for visiting my site.  Repairing tube amplifiers has been my life for the last 20 years. I started my love affair with vacuum tubes when I was about 7 years old. I walked into a thrift store in Keyport, New Jersey and a deco Motorola clock radio caught my eye. The magic of vacuum tubes was instant. I started collecting vacuum tube equipment and by middle school, my room was overcrowded with broken “gear". When high school came around, I got into guitar. The music bug hit me when I first heard WPRB from Princeton, NJ on a camping trip. From then on, it was never a question as to what I was going to do with my life.

During high school, I worked at a music store and a TV repair shop as an electronics technician. Then I went to a technical college and got a degree in electronics. As soon as I graduated in 2000, I started working at Main Drag Music. I worked there part time nights and weekends and worked as a copy machine tech by day. In August of 2004, I left the copier job and  started full-time at Main Drag.

It has been a non stop repair ride of fixing loads and loads of amps 60+ hours a week ever since. Some of my favorite repairs are bringing something back to life that has sentimental value.  Whether it's a 1959 Ampeg brought in by the original owner who had purchased it on his last day of high school or a 40’s era table top radio that belonged to a friend's mom, I love that those items can still be used and enjoyed.  Keeping gear going is not only fun, it is sustainable.

My philosophy is that there needs to be a relationship between the customer and the technician. I am interested in long term camaraderie.  Listening to the customer is as important to listening to the equipment and good work shouldn't be rushed. I believe a technician needs to be in the field for the right reason and that the work you do on a repair continues on. I like to give customers choices and have them be a part of the decision process to zero in on the tone.  I am not a fan of client lists but after 20 years of working in Brooklyn, they're all there. Being a good repair technician is more about humility than a client list - closer to Scout Law than bragging rights.

In the summer of 2017 my family and I moved to two hours north of the city, to Sullivan County, NY.  The cost of living in Brooklyn and having two boys simply meant we had to leave. I bought a work van and built a shop in our basement.  I crash in Brooklyn most of the week working at Main Drag. When I’m not in Brooklyn, I’m working in my basement where I also run and operate a vintage amateur radio station using an AM transmitter I designed and built myself.  Find me at  Main Drag in Brooklyn or find me in the woods upstate.